testimonials“I am a longtime client of Karen. She has a great range of naturopathic skill, learning and therapeutic processes. Karen is entirely committed to the personal health of her clients. She led me through the Detox 360 which made a big difference in my overall health. She has a high level of understanding and direction for natural health products.” – Mark L.

“We have been seeking the advice from Miss Johnson of KJ Wellness Solutions for our supplements for several years and we would not go anywhere else. In fact, last June my wife suddenly suffered a severe case of diverticulitis so naturally we sought Karen’s advice. As of today, with the supplements and diet recommendations my wife has not experienced a single problem or relapse whatsoever.” – John and Theresa – Antlers, OK

clientTestimonials“For many years I have suffered with intermittent episodes of debilitating muscle spasms. Karen was able to pinpoint a mineral deficiency and recommend a product that gave me much needed relief and with proper supplementation I am on the road to a healthier life.” – Laura Breaux



Karen Johnson
Certified Naturopathic Practitioner, NP


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