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302 Professional Skincare offers a truly remarkable discovery from a rainforest species of avocado, Avogen, that has the capacity to dramatically increase glucose which is missing energy component in aging skin. Avogen is a very well tolerated and works rapidly to restore cell integrity, reduce inflammatory protein formation, eliminate fragmenting of collagen and improve the texture, feel and turgor of the skin as a consequence. Noticeable changes to the look and feel of the skin are usually evident within 30 days and often in the first few days of application. Avogen works synergistically with other active compounds like Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Avogen is also available as an oral supplement, Avogen Avocado Dietary Supplement. When Avogen is incorporated into a well planned program of home care and studio care the results are often visibly dramatic and most importantly, sustainable.

Natural based, preservative free, clinical esthetic products

302productsWe provide effective topical solutions to reverse visible aging, acne and skin stress. Our specialty is skin scarring and difficult inflammatory disorders of the skin. We source organic, animal-free, and sustainable agriculture based ingredients and many of our products exceed 90% organic content.


302 Professional Skincare works with a truly remarkable discovery called Avogen™ derived from a rainforest variety of avocado. The Avogen™ molecules are a biologically significant matrix provided both topically and as a dietary supplement. Our history of exceptional results from Avogen™ as incorporated in a guided program of home and studio care has created a vibrant following worldwide. 302 Professional Skincare takes its name from one of the key components of Avogen™.

Visible Aging

Skin aging at the cellular level, is marked by fragmenting, inflammatory proteins, excessive cross linking, haphazard configuration and differentiation, accumulation of waste and decreasing energy among other conditions. 302 Professional Skincare can visibly correct all these dysfunctions.

The scientific literature describes a variety of substances that induce a greater volume of skin tissue, especially vitamin derivatives, that unfortunately often create their own set of problems with wrongful applications. But the “bulking-up” of skin tissue will not in of itself address the aging issue – for most people it is the quality of tissue that has deteriorated, which leads to thinning skin and an aged look.

Temporary bulking up with applied vitamins or inducing a repair mechanism to create tissue swelling and wrinkle removal is not sustainable. For that reason, it is the quality of tissue on which 302 Professional Skincare focuses. When the quality of skin cels improves, the look of the skin – its plumpness, turgor and resilience will also improve. With age, the skin’s ability to remove cellular waste product degrades. This is made worse by saturating the skin with substances to moisturize and stimulate and conceal and protect. This saturation will lead inevitably to irritation, dryness – poor looking skin. Often this leads to breakouts but almost always it leads to irritaion/inflammation. Less is best when it comes to skin products applied for esthetic improvement.


The key to acne is diagnostics. Your acne may be an inflammatory reaction; it may be hormonally induced or arise from stress and diet. Together you and your 302 Skincare Professional will identify the cause of your acne – there may be several issues involved. Selecting the right solution begins here. It requires a holistic approach. Diet, habits, makeup, physical issues – all play a role. Simplicity in your home care regime, patience, and compliance are key. We do not employ free radical formers like benzoyl peroxide, harsh and debilitating exfoliators, or acid based retinoids that require weeks of enduring irritation and dryness. There is another way. 302 Professional Skincare provides you with simple, direct, powerful tools unique in skincare to control the appearance and discomfort of acne. Fast results, sustained outcomes at great value.

Ultra-Sensitive Skin/Rosacea

302 Professional Skincare provides all the necessary tools to restore and rebuild skin that has visibly deteriorated from irritation, whatever its cause. Many of these problems can be directly linked to improper product choices or usage over a long period of time, especially coverage makeup and prescriptive topical medicines. Other medical issues are also often involved. Stress and hormonal imbalances can aggravate but rarely are the primary cause of the problem. Whatever the origins of the visible problem, there are ways to correct it. For home care, all sources of irritation must be removed and a simple regime adopted. Discontinue all other topical products; especially lotion makeup. Lotion moisturizers are another primary cause of problems. Discontinue application of these as well. 302 Professional Skincare can quickly restore even chronically irritated skin problems but all other products must be put away – and usually permanently.

Uneven Pigmentation

Too often, skincare itself creates pigmentation problems. Too much exfoliation, too many sun-sensitizing products, too much stress from too many products. All or any one of these easily leads to blotches, poor tone and pigmentation irregularities. Age spots and sun damage can be addressed and visibly improved with 302 Professional Skincare. Start here and then begin the longer process of purging skin of locked up pigmentation cells deep down. Home care and studio procedures work hand in hand to unchain this web of waste product buildup and pigmented cells. How? Through a new mechanism of metabolic prompting to get the skin to do what it did when it was young, efficient, and resilient. This natural approach means a sustainable result.